Unheard Cries of Government Schools – Time for Transformation


Education is often regarded as the prime key to an enhanced society. Therefore, the educated mass of any society is regarded as the pillar of strength for any massive revolution or transformation. So, for any mentioned area it is very crucial for enriching the standards of education.

There are many factors that are correlated to this subject. There needs to be a proper infrastructure, a group of capable teachers, provision of digital knowledge, ensuring clean toilets, science laboratories, library and many more. Without the presence of these related factors the students lack behind in many aspects.

Therefore, to keep our country’s government school’s education quality in synch with the progressing competitive world, the scenario demands for an initiative which can equalize the standards of the government schools with any other private school in our country. A report states that 61% of the students in government schools had dropped out in India during the academic year 2017-2018. That is a huge number and it is a vital issue that needs to be resolved.

There are several reasons for which the students choose to discontinue. But irrespective of the reason a solution must be designed. We need a structured solution for many such reasons, so as to transform the government schools in such a way that the students will be glued to the learning system.

This idea carries the plan of building an interesting infrastructure. Infrastructure plays a very playful role in attracting the students to come to school regularly. The boring and half demolished walls does not intrigues them to attend school every day. Washrooms are very much needed for any individual, especially girls. It assures proper healthy measures and hygiene. This is one primary reason for which many girls choose to drop out. Even the lack of MHM leads to a poor health facility in government schools.

The government schools have very poor access to digital education and practical implementation of theories. This stands out as a big hurdle obstructing the standard of the students. The education that they receive becomes streamlined thus pulling them behind on many grounds. Electricity also plays a bigtime role in enhancing the execution of government schools. There are many such areas where power cuts happen very frequently. Installations of solar energy panels can be a game changer in the scenario.

There are many other factors like extra curriculum, computer labs, modern school set up and many more that are essential for both, the teachers as well as the students. Aimlessly blaming the system isn’t the right solution. It is time for us to welcome a remodelling. The promising  system needs to aim to resolve many of these issues not only as an initiation but it shall also  be a followed up process guiding through and assuring fruitful outcomes.

Quality education is not a privilege but an asset that every individual has the right to own. For the progress of our nation as a whole, this is a space that needs a lot of methodical changes. So we need to pave in way for a never seen transition.

By Meghna Patnaik

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