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George Coures rightly quoted ” Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational. “

If we notice, the current methodology of using chalk and duster has been affecting the lives of students and teachers to a great extent. But, if this is replaced by whiteboards as an alternative, it’s going to be a remarkable initiative.

Let’s discuss, why is it better to use a whiteboard over chalkboards :-

  The material which is put on the chalkboards to provide it with a black or green pigmentation are impermanent and eventually fades away.

While erasing the chalkboard small clouds of chalk dust are produced which remain suspended in air. This dust causes many discomfort if anyone in the room suffers from suffocation or other allergic symptoms.

  Secondly, frequent contact with chalk or chalk dust is also responsible for turning skin dry and increase the risk of other dermatological problems.

Even if chalk dust is not so toxic, it can harm the eyes and other delicate pulmonary organs.

But if we talk about whiteboards, they use marker pens, so there is nothing to worry about the chalk dust when writing or erasing your writing off the board.

  Clarity is the supreme element of a whiteboard. One can trouble freely read the writings on a whiteboard as compared to the chalkboard, because of the clear and bright white background. The user receives another added reward of being able to use various coloured markers easily, which looks more decent and satisfactory over the coloured chalk does on a chalkboard.

  The white board comes up with a two in one function which provides a significant convenience to teachers for using it to project videos or slides during class, thereby increasing the quality of education.

The decision of introducing whiteboards will be very beneficial, because it will neither interfere with the health of students or teachers nor affect their studies. It will keep the students engaged and improve their understanding. Hence, It will prove to be an aid for the issues mentioned above and can help to ensure hassle-free and healthy classroom learning for both students and teachers.

By Alisha Garnaik


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