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‘Men 4 Menstruation’ is an initiative under which a group of men, inspired and supported by women, come forward to fight against ‘Period Poverty’. Although menstruatio

n is a biological process, it has been still trapped in taboos and societal silence since ages.

The lack of proper menstrual hygiene management, understanding and awareness of the subject has led many menstruators to drop out of school at an early age. As a chain effect, many remain unaware of the process till menarche and are forced to use unhygienic practices which increases the risks of diseases and even deaths.

Through this campaign, we aim  -

  1. Check for more detailsTo bring in a revolution, to which ‘menstruation’ will no longer be a taboo.
  2.  For all menstruators will have enough access to informed and sustainable choices to manage their menstrual health. 
  3.  To overcome societal silence over the issue by involving more men and sensitising them towards menstruation and menstruators. The active engagement of men in creating awareness about the issue is the distinctive fact of our campaign.



‘Operation Whiteboard’ is a campaign of Motive8 which has been inaugurated by Dr Jatashankar Choudhary, Director of Secondary Education Jharkhand on January 18, 2021. Our campaign intends to work in the best interest of students and teachers as it provides the most efficient and effective problem-solving method to combat the harmful effects of chalk dust.

While chalk dust causes a number of health hazards, it also leads to soil erosion. The aim of this campaign is to protect the environment and people from unnecessary harm caused by chalk dust in the most economical way.

Operation Whiteboard focuses on the following missions-

  1. Eradice chalk dust related toxicity by substituting chalkboards with whiteboards and chalk with reusable markers.
  2.  Provide the beneficiaries with a dust-free ecosystem in the best economical way. 



ResoluSun Campaign’ is a Motive8 Trust initiative that pushes society towards a sustainable source of energy i.e. relying on solar energy for power requirements by using solar panels. Solar Energy is the cheapest and most abundant energy source in the world.   In this project, Motive8 plans to implement the usage of solar power for power generation because of its renewability, availability, and sustainability.  It aims to create a pollution-free method of power generation with no combustible gases produced and with no use of fossil fuels and enormous availability. 

This campaign focuses on achieving the following missions-

  1. Reduce coal and other fossil fuel usage for power generation.
  2. Make power generation an eco-friendly process.
  3. Reduce pollution.
  4. Provide power supply to households that are not a part of the electric supply grid.
  5. Use solar as a renewable energy source.
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