About Us

We are a group of young enthusiasts seeking to contribute to society's development through our two verticals, under the brand name of 'Motive8'.

8. Motive8 Trust PNG

Motive8 Trust (a not-for-profit entity, registered under the Indian Trust Act  1882) has been working in India for several years, focusing on mitigating the alarming state of resources and improper understanding of sexual and reproductive health, early childcare, elementary education, sustainable agriculture, and various other areas. We aim to create an environment that values and supports the holistic development of people and motivates their growth. We do this through catering to the needs through our Motive8 Services and spreading proper awareness and alleviating taboos on multiple issues.

5. Motive8 Services PNG

Motive8 Services (an ISO 2001: 9015 Certified Company) is a proprietorship entity, being run in India for several years. We have been working on multiple projects of NGOs and Government across health, education, period poverty, welfare, nutrition, social policing, and more. We strongly believe in a better tomorrow. Motive8 Services provides the best innovative and economical methods to combat social issues. We ensure timely services with the best quality of products. Our aim is to assist the ‘nation-building’ drivers on a larger scale by contributing to the delivery end of the development sector, rather than just ranting from the receiving end.